A freelance
for you only

Freelance communication ? Like a web agency but with more proximity and listening, I’ll make you want to freelance !

Website maker

Are you looking to create an ecommerce website or showcase to present your company or association ? Your freelancer has what you need !

Content manager

Need texts, photos or videos ?
As a freelancer, I can create all your multimedia content to build your library and feed your digital channels !

Maxime Malfoy : your multitasking freelancer

Why I am

I used to be like you !

You can’t decide to become a freelancer one morning. You have to learn ! And sometimes, you have to go through suffering… Yes, I used to be like you. I had a skill that I learned at school and then in the field. But to perpetuate my activity, I had to manage a lot of things myself and I had to learn… About WordPress, Adobe, Facebook
Today, it is this learning that I want to share with you through my freelance activities in digital communication !