Community manager


Publishing content to reach the greatest number of people is becoming a science. It takes some knowledge of the algorithms of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Pinterest to do it well. But also tools to know the habits of your audience. This is an unavoidable step in your communication plan and it is precisely the job of the community manager !
With 3 years of experience in content management on social networks, I offer you to publish your content. At the best time to make it visible your brand and your message !

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250 €*/month

*Indicative price. It may change according to the nature and quantity of the content to publish.

Cheap content publishing
Cheap community manager on social networks


Publishing content is good. Engaging your community is even better for your communication ! Because this can become an important part to stand out from the crowd ! To do this, you need to create content specifically designed to make your followers react.
Then, you have to answer their questions as quickly as possible in a private message or comment. This is also the job of the community manager.
I propose to manage your social networks for you in order to enhance your customer experience and boost your visibility !

500 €*/month

*Indicative price. It may change according to the number of corporate accounts, their number of followers and the quantity of content to publish.