Have you ever heard of podcasting ? These audio broadcasts are a big hit on the internet ! They can be perfectly integrated into a content strategy in order to reach a qualified target. Or do you need a micro-broadcast to showcase the success of your brand and its products ?
Either way, I am able to make professional sound recordings through their design with Adobe Tools and great equipment.

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250 €*/half a day

*An extra may be requested for journeys longer than 100km.

Cheap audio recording
Cheap audio editing


Your voices are well recorded with quality interventions ! Now you need to add transitions, jingles and to erase imperfections.
I propose you to carry out the sound editing of your recordings with professional equipment in order to make it an essential element of your content strategy that can be broadcasted on internet communication channels.

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500 €*

*Indicative price. It may change according to the difficulty of the request.