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Hello !

My name is Maxime Malfoy and my destiny wasn’t to become a freelancer. Maybe a freelance journalist… But certainly not a web developer, digital content creator or a social media manager.

I owe this situation to a career path but also to a learning. A perilous learning on the ground but extremely interesting. Let’s prove it !


At the beginning, I wanted to be a journalist. That’s why I very early decided to get a literary diploma. Then, I followed with a degree in Modern Letters and Documentation in Le Havre, France.

Then, I kept training in journalism. At this time, digital technology didn’t exist (or almost) in this field. Indeed, the different paths were clear: TV, radio or paper press.

This training course allowed me to gain experience in the written press and radio (but not as a freelancer). These experiences allow me, among other things, to guarantee you my writing skills and my knowledge in sound recording and editing.

career path

However, this career path didn’t allow me to stay permanently in this environment. That’s why I decided to launch my own digital media in my town of Le Havre, France : Seinomedia.fr. I thought there was a place on the internet to grow quietly alongside the historical newspapers already installed. But it was without counting on the traps that the web contains…


Website maker

The first of these traps is to think you can create a professional website without any knowledge or skills. Even though it allowed WordPress and I to get to know each other, I had to learn how to code…

But I also had to patiently integrate the trends in vogue for a website. Actually, I had to deal with their technical possibilities and the habits of the users. Among other things !

This learning process was a long and painful journey. Especially when you start from scratch and have other tasks to complete. But today, I can offer you my services as a freelance web developer.

Content manager

But creating websites wasn’t the only wall in my path. No, it wasn’t… Then I had to feed this site with information. Several factors come into play and the ability to create content is not the only one…

Once again, I had to learn. To discover the audience’s interest in this content. To know the capacity of my website to receive it and the visibility it would give it. And the, it’s time to deal with third-party platforms…


What are these third-party platforms ? They are the social networks and the different video or audio streaming platforms ! Make no mistake about it. Their apparent ease of use will not make you the king…

Well, not for now. You will have to understand as much as possible all different algorithms from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Youtube. Without forgetting their user’s whishes and habits. A knowledge that allows me to offer you my services as a freelancer today.

It was a challenging experience. Yes, I suffered but I learned. And it is this learning that I want to share with you as a freelancer.


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